Auction House bids just go to 'checking purchase options'

Playing on PC. When I bid or try to buyout the screen goes to ‘checking purchase options’ 90% of the time and tries to get me to use real money. I am playing online and that toredo thing seems to be active. It has worked a few times but not enough to make using the auction house worthwhile. Any suggestions appreciated. (except stop using the auction house!!) Oh and it’s not like a buying limit that I’ve heard mentioned.

It will be because you are trying to bid on cars which are paid DLC but you don’t own them.


As FullNietzsche said.

If you go to the Autoshow and look through the cars, you will see certain ones with a symbol in the corner of the picture. This tells you they are DLC cars, they either need to be bought as part of a package, or can be bought individually in some cases. The rest, without the symbol, are open for purchase through regular game credits.

Now, if you look up one of those DLC cars in the Auction House, you will see that same symbol in the listing of the car. Now you know what and where the symbol is, you can recognize it for a number of DLC cars that are not in the Autoshow but can be found in the Auction House. Any one of these that you click will prompt you for purchase options. But any of the ones without the symbol are open for regular bidding through game credits.

Good luck. You can get some great deals in the Auction House.

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Thanks guys, at least now I know what the problem is.

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