ATTN: Satnite, PPiDrive

I was thinkin’ either The 3 Amigos or The 3 Musketeers. Since the game is half in France, I ordered us all capes, rapier swords, and oversize hats with feathers in them. Haven’t found any good press-on moustaches in the correct style yet. Needs to come with one of those tiny “soul patch” goatees, y’know?

when do those come in the mail? And you may want to check that leaderboard again - I know it’s only 0.02 seconds but hey… of the four monthly rivals events I’ve done, that one has been by far the hardest for me. The first turn is a hit and miss and the last 90 degree right hander is pretty tough. I come out of it ahead of both of you but then you out blast by shortly after on the back stretch. Oh well…

I’m working on the Abbey one now, then I’ll go in and touch up my car for Cliff Side and the first one.

And for the record - I have my own facial hair so I won’t be needing a fake mustache.

If you didn’t get sneaky on bucket list events and instead learnt how to corner properly you might be quicker in this event :wink:

OOOh, shots fired. I know how to corner - I’m still ahead of 512 people on that event.

On a more serious note, if my cornering is really that bad maybe you could show me how to do better?

Follow my ghost :wink:

ie my new ghost in the Alfa, not the one that you beat.

Who’s joining me with popcorn lol?

Well, considering how long that last one took to beat, I wouldn’t mind some popcorn. I wish we could watch ghosts or replays from the leaderboard as in older games. I guess I’ll have to go give it a try.

If you’re going with musketeers, you need a fourth person to be C’artagnian! lol

Well done

It is good to see Club Gemma high up on the leader board,
thank you B Wald Big Mek

Damn you guys are fast

Goes to show the difference tuning can make: You all tune, I don’t, and you guys are typically a couple seconds faster. Stick us in identical factory-spec stockers and we’re all within 1/2 second of each other.

Man that’s cool. Still not gonna pick up that spanner though :wink:

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I told PPiDrive yesterday - don’t give me a reason to go back to the track and get quicker…but you just did. Watch this space :wink:

LOL, this oughtta be good, I know how fast you iz.

That being said, I do believe I killed you with a Rally Fighter (of all things) in last month’s events… Didn’t tune that mutha either :wink:

Erronious, hit “quote” instead of “edit” on previous post.

Delete if possible

Bad posts just make me go quicker again.

53.667 - feel free to motivate me again :wink:

LOL I saw that coming :slight_smile:

Geez guys haven’t you ever heard of don’t poke the bear.

I was finally in front of SatNite in a event & you had to keep poking now I have to turn many more laps with lots of
expletives as I watch his ghost pull away :slight_smile:

I might have to go back and increase the gap now :wink:

I haven’t done a monthly yet but this is a fun thread. Guess I will have to try and find time over the next couple of days to do this rival

Sorry what was that? All I heard was that you want me to go quicker.