assist of the wheel in 270 degrees

hi. im poor at English.
I bought TX wheel and Forza5 recently.
Was assistance of the wheel lost when a wheel was used at 270 degrees?

In Forza4, when a wheel was used at 270 degrees, there was assistance.

I have found wheels can act strange in Forza.

Are you having problems?

I have just started using my tx at 270° but also use the lowest sensitivity setting on the wheel.

Im not sure that there are any assists with a wheel at all though.

sorry, whole of this text is web translation.

I was using Fanatec GT2 wheel in Forza4.
In Forza4, when using it at 270 degrees and the other angle, connection mode had a difference.
When a handle was used at 270 degrees, the function which rectifies a little rudder angle remained.
It resembles rudder angle compensation of the steering which happens when a pad controller is used.
When it is used at 280 to 900 degrees, a raw input is reflected without compensation by hardware.

In Forza5, also when it is used at 270 degrees, a raw input is reflected.
When there was a compensation function, I was located in the 10th from on world ranking.
but, compensation function was lost and it became impossible for me to run fast.
If I have a method of reviving the compensation function which existed at the time of Forza4, I would like to know.