Asking about a ban info

forza horizon 5, two people playing at the same time from the same account in steam different xbox accounts, does it cause a ban

The game will typically not allow a second user for the same account. It should give a prompt that tells you the account is in use and only give you the option to close or log out the other account.

it does actually

I didnt know that was even possible… how in h3ck do two people play with the same account? dont you need an alias for every player that is linked to your account? lol, i dont think it is allowed, at all. Im sure they can ban you for this, obviously.

I don’t understand.
You mean one steam account and one xbox account? or both play with same steam-account? or both play with the same xbox-account?

A steam account is not a xbox account, those are two different accounts even if they have the same account-name.

i mean 2 steam account one belongs to my friend then i borrow the game from him using steam then i play with different xbox account its bit complicated

If you borrow one of your friends steam-games then you need his steam account, so its only one steam account you talking about. Because you can’t transfer a game from one steam account to another steam account.
And all this has nothing to do with xbox. If you play on xbox it has nothing to do with steam.

Steam and Xbox have licensing agents that enforce the conditions where gameplay is permitted. If the licensing agent is allowing your usage, I don’t think they would issue a ban. If you found some kind of loophole that uses the license in a way that was not intended, they will likely close that loophole at some point.

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Some Steam accounts can be linked as Family, which allows games to be shared. But, again, it won’t allow two people to log into the same game, with the same license.

I, often, share my games on Steam with people in my family link. It always prompts to prevent both accounts to access at same time.

So, I would need proof that both were on simultaneously.