As a keyboard player/tuner

I make a lot of tunes and people who try them say they’re good(especially my Mosler, Apollo, 599XX, CCGT, and other S2 road racing tunes).

The funny thing is, i make the tunes for myself and i play on keyboard. And as soon as i play against my friend who uses a controller, with my own tune, which i perfected for my driving style, he can easily beat me by a couple seconds.

It would be nice if the keyboard controls and dynamics were even close to controller.

It’s difficult to know…it’s possible the people saying your tunes are good are not as good as your friend? I know of several keyboard players who are some of the fastest in the game (regularly will be near the top in Rivals) and I used to race with someone who could match me for pace and, whilst not the quickest driver ever, I am also not the slowest.

Most of the posts that I have read say that keyboard players have an advantage due to some physics being different.

How are the physics different?

They are not, just stop reading things from clueless people, its an advise lol.


A keyboard is digital it produces a 1 or a 0. A controller produces all ranges from 1 to 255. So the keyboard code is adapted to use a 1, and a timer to climb up to 255. People have suggested that the timer code prevents you from some of the side effects of skidding, and such.

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“WOOTING” keyboards, keyboard with pressure sensitive switches (analog switches) the joy of a keyboard with the flexibility of a controller

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There are keyboards out there that some people will be completel amazed. But again, the “ergonomy” of a gamepad is completely hilarious compared with the ergonomy of a keyboard. Where you have way more control, more sensitivity, more flexibility, etc, etc. Also the touch feel of a gamepad trigger or button is horrendous. But again, only people experienced in pc gaming and console gaming will ever understand all of this. Most new gamers will always thing that keyboards are just “tools for writting” lol. Well, let them think that and keep the ignorance flag on the top.

This is true, personally I started on console, went to PC and I’ll never go console again just the controll you have with a mouse alone keeps me on PC, not to mention on the fly dpi adjustments, macros, different profiles for different game settings (cod for example, sniper vs run and gun) and if you want a controller on PC basically any controller works without needing a $100 adapter

You can learn to be quick on kbm but inherently a player on controller can get up to the same pace with less time and practice. I Suck At Driving is one example, they are one of the quickest racers in Forza Horizon games, yet they use KBM.

Kbm players can only input 100% throttle or brake at one time, or spam the accelerator or brake to try and replicate throttle control or prevent ABS kicking in/locking up the brakes. Therefore, controller players will always have the advantage because they have a range of motion in the triggers, allowing for proper throttle control.

Furthermore, FH games are designed to be played with a controller, and will always have an advantage over other input methods (KBM & Wheel)

Its the same with ANY controller. If you are not used to it, it takes time. If you are not used to keyboard because you are a exclusive console player, it will take the same time to learn to play with kb than with a wheel, or a gamepad. Please guys, can you stop saying nonsense, just for once? lol. If it wasnt because of the trigger you can use in some gamepads, keyboard will be a million times better than any controller, even a wheel. Because using a wheel in this game… ow. Keeping in mind how bad they behave.

Keyboard and Controller are on the same level. I tested it several times and like others already mentioned a few of the best players in the game use the keyboard. If u get beaten by ur Friends using ur Tunes it simply means that they are better at driving as u are. U also have to keep in mind that making use of Driving Assists can have huge impacts on lap times. Traction Control for example, can slow u down significantly.

I can beat his times sometimes, its mostly that he can use a 1500bhp diablo gtr rwd in s2 and do a 48 second horizon circuit lap while that car with the tune he uses is essentially uncontrollable for keyboard. I doubt ill ever beat a 48 second lap considering my best is 51.1 with a lot of tweaking and tuning.

On tracks where he has to use an awd car like his CCGT, Apollo, Mosler i can beat him. Controller players can use ridiculous power builds while my fastest cars seem to be ccgt, apollo, mosler, zonda r, ALL of them awd swapped.

The only assist i have is ABS because its kind of impossible to play on keyboard without it for me. Ive tried and its basically uncontrollably skidding into walls constantly since its either 0 brake or 100% brake.

Don’t forget to add into this mix Analogue keyboards that use infrared LEDs and advanced sensors to measure the intensity of light along the keypress, allowing for accurately determining just how far a key is being pressed. This allows the keyboard player to mimic the smooth action of a controller’s joystick or trigger.

Saying that though, each to their own, everyone will be skilled at doing something a different way than that of someone else, it’s what makes us human.

Yeah analog keyboard sounds cool and all but does this game recognize its input? I dont have one just wondering.

I’d assume it would in settings, but please don’t quote me on that as am a Xbox player with Controller.