Artificial unevenness in road

Racing on a laser scanned track and going 300 km/h, is a very violent experience. In the game, just like it is in real life.

Since we don’t have laser scanned tracks, why not simply study one laser scanned track and artificially add bumps or mimic unneveness on the track/road to simulate that feeling of real physical experience of driving fast on a variety of cars and tracks.

I assume the physics is completely capable of handling it. No?

How easy would it be to add a bump here and there. To make the race that much more exciting. Unless ofcourse the a.i. cant handle it. Cause a.i. definitely needs an overhaul before we can even discuss this suggestion.

But I put it out there anyway. No knowledge of how difficult it would be to mimic bumps in the track as they exists in real life aswell. Like lowering/lifting the track in certain spots, and voila. You got 100% extra realism.