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So tonight’s final modern GT race went great on Watkins glen full sim damage for 20 min Qualy and 31 laps and lots over overtakes not one crash !

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Max pi was 865 and fastest laps when low 1:46s!

P class racing league starts Sunday

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First race went really well and only one crash with one of the less experienced racers wasn’t deliberate just crossing paths on the exit to a corner had no impact on the outcome though cannot wait for next Sunday if you want to get involved you can still win the title so join up for free at

Hey I saw your site and saw other racing websites and your website actually looks professional and your group of guys that race know how to race clean and fast. Finally what I have been looking for !!! Thank You PPS for answering my prayers !!! No more lobbies where all they do is slam into me.

Thanks Turk …

how come your site doesn’t work…