Are you faster?


Hello, I’m not particularly sure where I should post this as it’s a question and hopefully will end up as a discussion.

Recently I’ve got back into this game and gone back to drag racing, the first thing I noticed was less people using the Alfa 33, which is welcome, although I do enjoy Alfa v Alfa. Anyway I’ve taken a shine to S2 class and I built a couple of cars (about a week ago), they’re nothing special, just a '79 Camaro and an E28, I thought they were fast (22.4/5s airfield drag) until I got beaten by an NSX (today), I thought “How’s he managed to squeeze that into S2 class?”.

So I went and purchased one myself, realised I couldn’t have the V12, AWD and Twin Turbos and keep it within S2 class, so I ditched the TTs and was left with around 900bhp, managing 22.3s down the airstrip, which didn’t add up as the guy I mentioned above was hitting 21.9s with his NSX (I’ve forgot to mention I can tune cars). Then I took to Google and tried to find out what car was fastest for the Airstrip drag within S2 class, and not surprised there was barely anything as the Forza community is quite tight when it comes to tunes (quite rightly).

There was however a video showcasing an NSX on YouTube, just the guy doing a couple of runs with a friend, no help at all, until it clicked that he had the V12, AWD and TTs on his NSX and that applying Sport tyres instead of race tyres was the trick. I never would’ve thought of downgrading the tyres, makes sense to lower the PI but the fact your car would be slower kind of took over me realising that was the trick.

I also saw in the comments of said video that the Maserati 300s was the fastest car in S2 class with a time of 20.3seconds, so I went ahead and applied the tyre trick to get it out of x class and into S2 class and it worked, tuned the car again and headed online to test it. First run 20.221, second run was the same, third run 20.220, fourth 20.188 and fifth 20.154 and I left it there as its getting late here.

So after that unnessicary but educating (to drag fans) story my question is:
Is there anyone out there with a class S2 Maserati 300s that’s beaten 20.154 seconds on the airstrip? I may be able to beat it, but I’d like to know what other drag racers have managed and how I stack up against them. And if many people have achieved faster, what I can do to improve my times. Another trick is with AWD drag cars, use manual instead of manual with clutch as its faster.

I did’t really read the question but I have a Mclaren P1 in X class that does more then a Maserati 300s beacuse of the launch and its acceleration.