Are you able to restore a profile?

I played this game since i got my xbox in 2006, and got live about 2009-2010 and recieved cars from you specifically for me. And after the latest patch, I loaded up the game as usual, and selected HDD, and I got an error saying that my profile was corrupt. I lost everything. I had so much, so many custom cars, not extreme amounts of money or anything. But I completely lost all my data. What are you able to do about this? I would race in cars made for me and sent by Turn 10. I had a “Toy Soldiers” car for crying out loud amongst many other unique ones. I had an X class car, and everything legit. I am so cut that I have nothing, and have no way of getting it back. i still have the corrupt data, has anyone else had this issue? Is there anything i can do?

I have had the same experience. I was not able to find any resolution to retrieve the saved data file. You can move it to a USB if there is a resolution to fix it but it is all gone.

I had to start again to finish the races and the achievements, but I still haven’t finished. I was lucky to get cars before the Gifting and Auction House was shut down. It wasn’t as painful as it will be for you.

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