Are you a Forza 5 noob? If so - I might have something for you.

I got the game about a month back so yeah a FM5 noob.

Err is the offer still up?

Just startedplaying last week. Finally got an Xbox One…

kind of a noobie only got Xbox one with forza in April now loving the game

I’m a Forza 5 noob, my Xbox one arrived 14th may, although I’ve had every single Forza since the original.

complete foza noob here ive never played forza b4 only got my xbox a few days ago off a friend and it had forza 5 with it i have experience in racing game but only like nfs please help me need a boost

Just picked up Forza5 last week.

Total noob!! I’ve been playing for about 30 min. This is actually the only video game I’ve played.