Are new tracks ever going to show up?

as the title says, I’ve been wondering for a while if we will ever get new tracks or if this game will be loaded with cars that few people actually use and no tracks that people actually want to see. I know the mods will close because they seem to be in this trend where anything that sparks criticism towards the game gets locked. So mods, ask T10 if they’ll get back to work and get us some tracks. your game is getting boring. either that or this should’ve been called Forza 5:Preview or something. seriously the waits getting ridiculous.


Well they’ll stop locking if people would be patient and stop asking…

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[Mod Edit - Hieronymus (Profanity removed)]

[Mod Edit - Hieronymus (Profanity removed)]

If you put your requests in the proper thread there would be no need to lock it. This seems like it should be in the tracks wishlist thread to me.

I was inclined to be somewhat understanding and then OP used profanity, earning himself a little time away for personal reflection and contemplation.