Are Lighter "Rides" better Drifters?

I have a Theory, but I am not sure, take for instance, a 350Z Car.

Doesn’t that make a Fantastic Drift car? Like the “Fairlady” in fast and furious Tokyo Drift?

Is there a 350Z in Horzon 2?

There is no 350Z in Horizon 2, But there is a 370Z in the game…

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Can we add one in like from DLC?

So, there is a 370Z? Cool…

Do you know what Race Series I can race it with?

Turn 10 could add one in with DLC yes, but the chance of that happening would be very small. I think you have a better chance of the 350z being announced for Forza Motorsport 6. Also, in FH2 the 370Z falls into the ‘sport cars’ championship in which it competes against cars like audi TT, bmw z4, Hyundai genesis etc…

In FH2 it doesn’t really matter what car you use (weight etc) because the physics are more arcadey then the Motorsport titles and you don’t even need to tune the car to drift. It’s more about the balance of the car and being able to control where the weight goes rather then just being a light car. Sure it helps, but not necessary

Also FM6 is just over a month away so I doubt there will be any more DLC for FH2.

Right On Bro’s.

I am really excited about FM6 Coming out and I trust that they would have the 350Z on there some where.