So I love arcade racers, been playing them since the beginning of the invention of them. But one thing I can safely say is that this has more of a simulation feel to it. It seems like they are trying to satisfy both simulation and arcade racer players. The physics are so much more like simulation than arcade, I dont even know how this is considered an arcade racer. Other than the damage, and open world style playground. The driving itself feels far more like a simulation.

That being said, I paid 2 dollars for the game pass for 2 months to play this on PC to see how it was. And I am unable to write a review or give actual feedback via the store for that reason. I wanted to like it desperately because its gorgeous and runs like a dream on my PC. But with the overly simulation style handling and physics its just not for people who like a real arcade racer. I feel like calling this an arcade racer is quite frankly false, because its more of a simcade. There is very little for people who like arcade racing. Because with a racing game the feel of the game appeals to different people, and trying to satisfy them all is quite literally impossible.

I just wanted to post this here as feedback and commend the development team on the game itself, because its a work of art. But they are clearly more focused on more serious simulation racing than arcade, so its just not right for me. I hate that I cant enjoy it as much as games like The Crew, especially since that series is an utter disaster of coding and inept design decisions, but I just dont enjoy the simulation side of driving games.