Arcade is Fixed

Given the number of them that are stuck in the ground and no ramp nearby, I suspect they are intentional

Could be, although as the event type is called ‘air’ it seems a bit silly :smiley:

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Arcade has gone too far the other way now!! First Arcade I attempted after the fix and I completed all 3 rounds of a Drift one on my own in 2 minutes 5 seconds! Needs something in the middle

I do, however, like that the non-drift ones now specify what it is…handy for the Arcade Accolades needing specific cars and events (well, when the Accolade completes anyway!)

It also comes in handy for those “complete x in x time”…did the 10 in 5 hours this afternoon which also completed the 24 hour one in the process (all drift ones) and it was no trouble at all. The hardest parts of it were: a) not being able to fast-travel (more of remembering not to) and b) staying in the same car (changing cars resets it too annoyingly) for 2 1/2 hours. Managed to rack up 300 Skill Points doing it though!

I will probably do the 10 as well.

Fixing it? oh god. These guys…

Arcade is supossed to be a co-op event. Instead fixing THAT, they just choose the easy way making it solo mode lol. And people call that a fix?

Well, prepare to have these “fixes” all over the place with everything. You are gonna love this game now…

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You guys asked them to change it so it would scale based on number of players. But you didn’t want it to scale based on number of players? Try to decide.


TBF it has gone from one extreme to the other. Was very hard, now almost impossible to fail.

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Let’s try that again. Choose one:

  • no scaling
  • scaling based on number of players

There are choices available other than extremely difficult but just about possible with enough skilled and determined players, OR so easy someone who’s never played a video game before could do it blindfolded.


Some of us will, we enjoy playing solo without the cheaters, and it is better knowing I might complete the arcade now much prefer it.

Kinda like it the way it is now, it absolutely needs to be scaled to amount of players. Completed few of them and if that’s how its gonna stay, I will never again bother with trial :slight_smile:


I wish they’d smooth off some of the rough edges which still exist from Forzathon on FH4. When the event and each round starts, the timer counts down immediately and a voice is telling you to go somewhere, but until the message gets out of the way, you can’t see where yet. And the baked-in 5 second delay after every fast travel before you are allowed to move, eats into your time too. No longer of great importance as the bar has been put so low, granted, but it’s still an annoyance.

In danger sign events for example, you may be needing to fast travel after you land, back to where you get a run up to the jump, multiple times. Those 5 second enforced delays add up and are tedious. I am surprised this sort of thing doesn’t get spotted when play testing.

At least it is pretty easy to finish an arcade event without other players.
The only good thing that came with the latest patch.

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I’m glad arcade can be completed solo now, but I wouldn’t call still having to do it solo “fixed.”
It’s pretty much the only thing they actually “fixed” though, so…

Not fixed! Way too easy. Was doing the jump arcade on volcano. Some bulleyes and 10 jumpskills and 2 jumps at dangersign there. Whole thing in under 3minutes no challenge at all… not fixed


praise the lord! thats the only achievement i probably wouldnt ever get because lol at trying to find a random group at a chaos event.

Those of us who sweated blood and tears to get the toughest achievement suddenly find the goalpost is moved so it has become the easiest :joy: Playground Games bait and switch does it again.

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I was thinking along the same lines.

I had to grind my virtual arse off to complete that achievement. Now it’s easier than catching Covid. :joy:

But that’s barely worth the effort of an insouciant shrug as things stand. The update has hobbled a fair few XSX by the looks of it, including mine, so now I’m enjoying enduring the ‘Horizon Festival of Loading Screens and Random Crash to Dashboard’ :confused:

9 out of 10 according to PC Gamer. A very respectable 9.6 out of 10 says IGN. Oh and look at that, an utterly flawless 10 out of 10 from Pocket-Lint, et cetera et cetera…

Yeah, right. GG Playground.

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Ok, now too easy, well for some, why not give everyone a chance. Not everyone has the tools and means to do excellent here.
Took me 7 or more min if not using fast travel, not everyone has it free or extra cash to splash it, nor cars or tunes for them.
Also took more then 7 min to do a speed one with 3 more people.

Seriously give people a chance to get some FP and maybe afford something.


cmon tools, tunes, cash? Grab some random stock d class (used '73 gremlin d403) and do the speed arcade at volcano (solo). Looking at other speed events people show up with x class hypercars so its way too easy if u can complete in untuned d class. Same for the jumpstuff was doing hundreds of jumpskills last week (solo) now it needs 10.