Approaches to Career Mode?

Given the repetitive nature of career mode, I was wondering what people do to keep it more interesting.

My system (other than switching cars often) is to play with the difficulty. If I win a race (actually win, not 3rd place win), then the following race is at the next higher difficulty. If I complete the race, but not win, the difficulty stays the same, and if I fail to complete, then I retry one difficulty level lower. Rewind is disabled and no restarts after the first turn.

Obviously this won’t help people who can consistently win on unbeatable, but it has been interesting for me. Highest difficulty I have gotten to so far is Expert (after two volumes).

Similar to you. I start on "Highly Skilled each race and drop difficulty over several races until I win.

Due to the well documented drivatar bug the difficulty is all over the place so one race I win in highly skilled and another may be new racer.

I keep an eye on lap times and race as clean as possible. I won’t nudge AI out the way or use them to brake check. I treat the as if they really were human competitors in the hope that this will stand me in good stead when I race online :slight_smile:

I do nearly the same. I start with 25% drivatar bonus. If I am already in top 3 after lap 1, I restart the race with higher difficulty. If I am still not in top 3 at beginning of last lap, I restart with lower difficulty.

So some races, I had to race with 0% bonus drivatar and once with 35% bonus. T10, Please make them more consistent between races :wink:
I did like 8 championship of stories of motorsport in a raw (keeping the same car for the complete volume). Now I start to do these championships in new car classes but changing car class randomly (testing the car variety)

Milliotseb, how do you ever finish a race? You have way more patience then I do. I just race. If I beat the pants off them next race up a level and if I’m getting the pants beat off me I go down a level — with the what PI each division is. I will have tunes and be ready for the classes — as initially it was a bit confusing as to what the restrictions on PI were so I there were a couple of times I sent difficulty way down - as I was stock against what ever they were driving. (Even then I was in the race of my life time with a friends drivatar. Though we were 4 seconds ahead of anyone else — it was very intense.

I would suggest getting the level where you are racing second place often

I’m typically pro/ unbeatable when I’m in a car I know and am comfortable with. I only go down levels when I don’t know what I’m getting into.

I’ve noticed the drivatar bug myself and they way I’ve dealt with is to simply restart the race on the same difficulty, I personally think the game kinda forgets the drivatar difficulty that you have it set to so restarted usually helps. If restarting alone doesn’t work (sometimes it don’t) then double check the difficulty as it may have unwillingly changed, this doesn’t happen too often for me though.

Now as for the racing goes, I try and use cars I haven’t driven yet or or ones that I don’t drive very often and switch up my dares from time to time.

Main thing I do to keep it interesting is to switch cars now and then. There are so many cars in this game that there’s always something new I can grab to drive and tinker with to keep it fresh.

I do the same as LivDoug, but I start with the car groups that are least interesting to me. I do this so as I get closer to the end I am looking forward to driving my favorite cars.