Apollo GT 1961-1965

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Apollo GT

This model was also known as the Vetta Ventura.


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The original competitor to Herbie (Vocho, VW Beetle) in the first Herbie movie, a yellow coupe with a black stripe, known as the Thorndyke Special. The car used in the movie was a rare American specialty car known as an Apollo GT. Also, a red one is featured in Jay Leno’s collection. Buick V8 power, 4-speed manual or 2-speed automatic.

There are both 3500 and 5000 variants with different sized engines. Less than a hundred were made 1962-1965, but some chassis were not completed until the early 1970s by various individuals and coachbuilders. Italian bodywork by Intermeccania (so it’s relevant to the recent Italian cars update).