(AoM)- Art of Motion

Whats up everyone its Eikon and I’m looking to start a small community of drifters. I’m interested in competition and just casual drifting. I will form a team for those interested in competition. We are looking to be a respected group so I won’t tolerate negative people.

Ive been drifting since FM2 so I consider myself a veteran in the drift would.
I have drifted with all the big teams and joined a few of them from SMKA - TRS - DIS Ive just changed my name to many time for anyone to keep up lol
Old gamer tags include Art of Drift, Art Form, Egotrippin, Killzilla, Its me LJ, god I can’t remember them but you guys may remember one of those lol

I am just looking for some chill people that like to slide, IDC if you are a good drifter, that can always be taught. I just want some guys that are on daily and want to hang out.

If you interested please send me a message on xbox my GT is AoM Eikon

Current roster
AoM Eikon

AoM Rydroid / AoM Rizzo

Vinal ls1
ENJ Sleepy
JSI Killy
NvMe Cocinho



I’ll add you later man. Not the worlds greatest drifter by any standards but I’m mature and relaxed (I hope).

Like I said man IDC drifting can always be taught

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Good luck with the team! If you need someone to door bang with just hit me up!

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Thanks man, I believe I drifted with you quite a bit back in the day also.

I’ll add you tonight been drifting since forza 3 looking for a team I like the name art of motion man

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Thanks Chris, I own a company called Art of Motion Photography and its all automotive stuff so I figured id keep the name for a drift team

Yea a buddy of mine had his fd rx7 photo shot by art of motion his name is Johnathan beavers he a had a pearl white FD RX7 with a full shine auto kit done to it it was such a beautiful car

Yup I know him, but Roman was the photographer that shot those shots. Its stupid clean!

Do you have a art of motion logo on forza 6 to put on cars if you can do one like the actual logo that b dope

Umm I believe my Co-leader is working on it actually, but don’t know if its done yet or not

Do you have a team facebook for the game not the real life art of motion

Yup its called Art of Motion Gaming, Its new so there is no content yet but I also made a youtube for it. I plan on starting one for this game.

OK cool all add it I made a logo it all most looks identical to your actual logo I’ll put it on the gaming page later today so you can see it

Hell yeah man thats awesome, so do you do a lot of painting on the game?

I try to I didn’t do any painting on forza 5 cause I didn’t really care for the game so I’m a Lil rusty working my way back into it tho I don’t do like fantasy stuff I like replicas, one offa and making team cars and I’m getting back into making logos now

Heck yeah man that’s awesome the things you posted on the page looked awesome.

i would be down to join,as in need to find a bunch of people to drift

Sounds good if anyone is interested add me and send me a message

Ita b about 2 weeks till my Internet gets fixed my router took a poop so my nat type is stuck on strick for now