Anyone to play multiplayer with?

Alright, so i haven’t been playing forza all that long and i try playing multiplayer, but the only way i can play is private match or friends inviting me, because all it says is “Failed to find a game session”

So, I’m pretty much just looking for people to play with :slight_smile:

GT - Mistifyz13

Add me in need to work toward mutilplayer achievements

I’m on from 7/8 pm till midnight (gmt England)

I’ve been playing Elite:Dangerous more than FM6 lately, but I’m always down for racing automobiles. Gimme a shout if you see me online.


Edit: usually on between 10:30 PM and 4:00 AM EST, earlier on me days off. I’m often “appearing offline”, but message me either way if you’d like to race.

if you want you can add me


if you are in a party it might be easier if the host joins a lobby then it bring bring you with them into a multiplayer match