Anyone know if deleting my save and starting over will allow me to get more Medals for Forza Rewards

Since Turn 10 decided for some reason to lock events out, I only have the premium edition to try to get as many medals as I can. I wondered if anyone knows if just deleting my save and earning more will count towards that 100 medals, since otherwise they’re just inaccessible. Has anyone tried it?

According to true achievements, no.

The deleting save only works for 10 platinum medal achievements.

Well darn that one I want to try to do legit.

Really frustrating they can’t just leave the events in the game, or even include them in the paid version. It’s silly.

Looks like repeating races is counting for medals! I have max medals and haven’t even gotten all medals possible for the base game and premium races.

In addition, it looks like if you have the premium pack, or did races back when they were rotating them out, it is just barely possible to get 50 badges! It counts the two base ones you get at the start.