Anyone in the Xbox Preview Program?

I was in the program on the Xbox 360, but don’t seem to be on the Xbox One. As it’s invite only just a quick cheeky request to see if anyone would be kind enough to invite me.

invite sent

enjoy :slight_smile:

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i’d love to get an invite, too :slight_smile:

I really want an invite aswell, i’ve been trying to get one for days.

ok, sent you guys one as well. Thats going to be the last ones from me. No joke, i got 18 requests since i replied to this post. backwards compatibility seems to be a hot topic currently :wink:

as i’m not using my xbox much currently i have to replug cables everytime i sent an invitation, so these are the last ones i sent out. if anyone is still interested please contact another preview member or wait a couple of days until it goes live through the official update (guess it will be in the july build)

please note: it will take a while until you receive the invitation, it took up to 48h for some

the backwards compatibility wont be released till this holiday so they can get more games working

and that’s why I decided to ask btw sorry for the trouble as I move my Xbox One to play Kinect games so I understand how tough it can be getting back where they need to be

I can send a few invites if people are interested.

I am in it. To be honest I have sent 4 invites out. I was at lunch watching E3 as they announced the backwards compatibility. I sent them out right at that point. As of right now none of the 4 have gotten a message from Live about the program.

Sorry for the delay, just want to say a massive thank you to WoozieWoo. I really appreciate it, I know it’s a pain getting all the requests, sorry dude.

I’m in the preview now, seemed to be pretty quick. Downloading the files for each game that’s backwards compatible seems to take ages, but works so well. Like emulating the Xbox 360 on your Xbox One.

I think I have a Smite Beta code Woozie if you want it? I think it’s still valid, you may already have one, but just PM me if you want it.

haha thanks for your offer mate, but i got two smite codes already (sent to xbl preview members g)

no worries about all the requests, happy to help

I’d love an invitation if someone is willing to send one my way.


Invite sent. You should hear from MS in a few days.

I will try to remember lol. If you see nothing for a few days message me and I will get it sorted.

If anyone wants an invite just send me a message and FR on XBL and I’ll get on it asap

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TBH, I’d want the Xbox preview to test streaming as much as backwards compatibility. I know some don’t see sense in streaming, but when your One is hooked to the family TV and therefore not always available, streaming could be a godsend.

That, and with Windows 10 preview installed on a laptop, it would be a waste not to test it :slight_smile:

P.S. Always open to an invite :blush:

Sent you a request, deadlycowpat95. Thank you.