Anyone having issues with Long Beach GP and Lotus F1 car?

So I got an Xbox1 this Christmas, and Forza 5. I started racing, and slowly winning, then dominating, then upgrading the opponents. I can finish on the podium against highly skilled, and top 10 against experts. Then I hit the 2.5 mil credit mark and jumped into the Modern Formula series with the Lotus. Awesome, the reflexes are insane!

But then, after 3rd place at Spa and 2nd place at Silverstone, I hit Long Beach GP. Great. After seven races on the course, I realize something is really wrong here: Coming out of turn 5 and turn 6/7, the car inexplicably slows down, like it’s hitting the brakes. I know that the cars brake automatically when too close to track lines going down the straight, ok, I get it, it happens on every track. But this happens every time I’m coming out of these turns, and the opponents go zooming by me. First race I thought I was freakin out. Second, again, I thought maybe I was sliding. But race after race, the same thing happens.

It also happens intermittently coming out of turn 8 on the back straight. I can only win if I block he cars behind me, but sometimes they just crash into me. Is anyone else seeing this issue? I haven’t moved on to other tracks just yet, so I don’t know if this is happening elsewhere.


What assists do you have on? If you have Assisted Braking on turn it off, TCS can also be an issue but for many it is necessary in the F1 Lotus.


Turn braking to either ABS on or ABS off but never use assisted braking.

my guess is its stability control kicking in.

I’ve never had that problem. TCS on and ABS on. Car has never braked automatically when to close to track lines on the straights for me, on any track or any car?

Sounds like you have assisted braking on. Take it off and it should solve your problem.

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As mentioned above, the most likely cause is that you are using assisted braking. If you aren’t, then maybe you are leaving the track limits. If you go off-track for more than a second or two, the game usually makes you brake hard and puts you in 1st gear (it’s to stop people corner cutting too much).

On Long Beach (mainly around the middle of the lap) it can sometimes be hard to tell which parts of the road are on-track and which parts are off-track when you first drive it (because they look the same lol). If you are not sure then just follow the AI/drivatars, they (usually!) drive on the track so you can see which is the right place to drive. Or alternatively you could run a few laps on free play or rivals with the racing line on to understand which parts of the road you should be driving on.