Anyone have a Ford Focus Pre-Order I can photograph?

Hi, I just need one more car for the Horizon 4 photo promo and it is a car I cannot buy at auction or anywhere else I think.
If you have one, can you friends request me and we can meet up in a session and I can take a picture.
Thanks for reading.

If you still need this, I just made a Super7 challenge card which uses the Focus PO. The share code is 164 755 077. (If you aren’t familiar, in the Horizon Super7 challenge browser, use search and enter the code.)

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This is great. Thanks. What a great car!

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You’re welcome! Glad it helped.

I joined the forum just to say thanks… Its the only car I needed to shoot too… Even tried making a couple custom courses to include it, but it would never show up, or be allowed by itself.

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Nice of you to do that and welcome to the forum :+1: