Anyone else simply not buying any cars? :)

Before I even started playing this game I already had 5 mill credits and over 30 cars in my garage thanks to loyalty levels, the ultimate edition and FH2 VIP. So I started off in career mode with my starter car and I can already play here with some of the “weaker” gift cars (Mazda MX-5 Team Forza, Nissan Fairlady Z Team Forza, BMW M235i). Now several hours of gameplay further, I’m level 14 and my garage has already grown over 40 cars thanks to the wheelspin levelup rewards. I’m now wondering if I even have to spend any credits to buy a car, at this rate I’m winning like 5 new cars per evening. I would hate to buy a car only to find out later that I win it from a wheelspin as well. And I’m not a die hard fan of a particular car or brand either so I don’t really care what I drive, I like all cars. So for now, I’m holding off buying and solely depend on what I win from the wheelspins.

I did spend 300.000 credits twice on the most expensive modpacks though, I now even have the permanent 20% credits bonus modpack for using manual + clutch so credits will build up even faster. :stuck_out_tongue:

Eventually, when driver levels become higher, wheelspins will happen less frequent since levelling up takes longer. At that point I will probably buy some missing cars I want to try out, but for now, I’m just saving up and occasionally buy a few mod packs.

I am not even close to where you are and I still have not bought a car. Tempted but I want to see how far I can get before I have to buy one.

I haven’t bought any cars yet, but now have 42 in my garage. I’m only currently lvl5 though.

I’ll probably start buying some once i’ve either tuned up what i have (only just started on my 1st tune) or need one for a career race.

Don’t worry about spinning and getting a car you already own, that’s already happened to me with a 2014 Audi #2 Audi Team Joest R18 e-tron quattro, i was given 1.5 million instead of a duplicate car.

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Good to know.

I’ve been buying cars since I enjoy jumping between different types from one race or series to the next. Plus a lot are just wonderful in ForzaVista.

I’m on the opposite fence, started the game with 21m and now have about 2m…

I was only able to play for a little bit last night…just long enough to do the qualifying… But once I got through that I already had 37 cars in my garage. I did buy 5 cars that I really wanted at that point but I probably won’t go too crazy buying more for a while. Although I have no worries about running out of credits at all…this game just throws them at you! :slight_smile:

I heard the Forza car dealers are looking for new jobs…

I’m level 72, have close to 100 cars in the garage, about ten of which I actually bought, and more credits than I know what to do with.

I tend to buy what I want to paint which has almost always been relatively inexpensive cars and then use either those or gifts to progress through career.

Hi there is currently read if you have 300 cars or more on horizon 2 you get 5million. I have 300 in my garage but havnt got the money can anyone help.