Anyone else constantly disconnecting?

As the title says, been trying to getting to an online match for the last hour and every time I pick a car and right before the race starts I get disconnected.

Anyone else experiencing this madness?

Ever since update 10 I sometimes have instances where I disconnect from online every 30 seconds. I’ve never had this happen before, but it’s really annoying.

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I was in the seasonal games just now and my team was up one nil when there was a very long pause after the round finished and the score announced. Then when the next round started one of my team mates was gone, then another and then one was in like a ghosted mode. I was then left alone against 3 on the other team in flag rush and was beaten 10 to 2. I knew I was going to lose the next 3 rounds against 3 opponents so quit to give them the win sooner. I have grown to hate the online parts of the seasonal challenges because of these bugs and the ridiculous AI on the trial challenge most times. I only went onto the Seasonal Games event because two of the solo seasonal events have ridiculous AI who race on rails. Looks like I am stuck on 79% this week.

Fix this Playground Games, it makes me not want to buy another Horizon Game because this online component has been broken for a long time now.

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I’ve noticed this as well, I’m on PC if that makes any difference. First started happening on the 6th and just dealt with it randomly disconnecting. Surprisingly, on the 12th I had not a single disconnect but today it seems to have come back. Even checked Teredo services in my settings and it says everything is all good. Might just be a coincidence but I noticed LEGO dlc was pre-installed the same day the disconnecting began happening on my end.

Edit: also anyone who hasn’t yet might wanna send your info to support asap

I’ve been disconnecting constantly as well, not sure why. My brother doesn’t seem to be losing connecting. Whenever I start a race it’s booting me out. Trying to do a convoy with him is a nightmare. I updated to windows 10 ver. 1903 not sure if that’s part of the problem.

Happens for me everytime when alt-tabbing the title.

Bumping this since no word has been given from PG/Turn 10 even after sending an email. Does anyone have some incite as to what’s causing the issue?

Also just a little side note, keep getting some weird error as if the website is being redirected. Anyone else getting this?

This has been happening to me. Cant connect to an online session for longer than a minute. cant matchmake an event. Completely nonfunctional.