Anyone else changing controller settings? Changed my brake and gas deadzones+ mini review

I changed my dead zones in Forza 5, I ended up doing the same here. This time HOWEVER I left the steering alone and just adjusted the brake and gas which gives a more real feeling when you hold that maintenance throttle in a turn.

Bravo on the rain, not to start a pissing match but Project Cars dynamic weather is cool for weathermen, but Forza 6 reminds you that driving in the rain should be about the driving part! Wow so much more “dynamic” actually having to take a rain line and avoid too much inputs or certain areas all together.

Complaint- Hard to hear my subaru in the demo during limerock especially. I almost wish you could choose if you get sound from inside our outside car view, or at least crank up the eq.

In terms guidance everybody who likes pcars career you will love the way this is done, at least the demo is very engaging and keeps you focused. You aren’t left in no mans land with one track.

I always adjust my deadzones to the farthest ends of each. Just gives you a complete range of motion or at least as much as you can get on a controller.