Anyone did Sebring 300 endurance yet?

Wow. After reading the other Endurance thread I see I chose the worst possible car for the race. I got barely 15 laps out of the Audi. Apparently the Ferrari is just as terrible, when cars like the McLaren and Lambo are getting 20 laps.

Cool. Means each car has its own fuel consumption rate. I like that.

2hours 45mins with cosmetic damage.

Ok I just finished Sebring, took me 2h57m to finish. Something tells me I wanted to do it before tomorrow’s patch. :slight_smile: I wanted to do it easy mode as a credit farm but damn, I messed up a LOT. Took me until lap 30 to get the lead, then around lap 40 I was well ahead and decided to take a 5 min break to drink. That completely knocked me out of my rhythm and I dropped back to 3rd place in a few laps. Eventually the top 3 drivers (incl. me) changed back and forth until lap 60 or so, only from then on I seemed to be certain of the victory (but still had to be on my guard).

I ran with these mods : Long Shot (50% CR), 2x Windfall (100% CR)
Assists : 49% CR bonus
Difficulty : 35% CR bonus

Now the payout screen gave me 1,602,000 CR.
300,000 base + 300,000 VIP + 147,000 assists + 105,000 difficulty + 150,000 Long Shot + 300,000 Windfall + 300,000 Windfall.

Now I’m pretty disappointed since the event says the reward for completing is 390,000 CR, not 300,000. I feel I got ripped off for 405,000 CR in total…

Took me about 3 hours… Good luck

Awesome! I’m loving these endurance races. The rain added a unique challenge, but now I know every puddle.

Anyone else saving the Sebring race until last…

Does the Daytona one take around 3 hours to do as well?

Did it a few days . Running time was 2 hours 45 minutes. Actual time was just under 4 hours. I took 4 small breaks.