Anyone did Sebring 300 endurance yet?

It took me about 2,5 hours to do the Daytona 300 which is a much faster track and at night. So I wonder how long Sebring 300 will take me in the wet, I’m guessing something like 4-5 hours.

Has anyone completed it yet?

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Not yet but I’m about to try my first 100 enduro.

How many times did you have to pit for the Daytona race? For fuel and such?

I did 5/9 endurance events so far but for now I run them on cosmetic damage for the simple reason that I don’t want to risk not finishing 1st and missing out on that big chunk of credits. The funny thing is that while I never have to pit, the NPC drivers still do pit. This allows me to increase the difficulty setting which means more credits coming in. Because that’s my main thing with endurance races now, one big credit farm with 100% XP or 100% credit mods equipped. :slight_smile:

Later on I will rerun the fun ones with cosmetic damage, then purely for enjoyment and the thrill.

I still have to to Nurburgring, Le Mans, Spa and Sebring but from the other ones I liked Bathurst and Daytona the most. Indianapolis is really boring but probably the best credit farm if you take into account time spent and effort needed.

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Literally seven posts below you:

Aah thanks, didn’t see that post since the title doesn’t really hint what’s inside. :wink: But seems like you had a lot of fun! I have 2x 100% credit mods at the ready so those will be used. :wink:

Took about 2.5 hours to complete with pit stops. One brutal race.

I finished it with cosmetic damage cause I didn’t wanna pit all the time, it took me around 2 Hours and 51 minutes to finish it

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I did it in about 2hours 50. Full damage. And it’s was a nightmare. Had to make about 3 extra stops due to drop in concentration and silly crashes. The AI are a nightmare they don’t move out the way when lapping.

Why does everyone keep saying this? In multiclass races you arent allowed move out of the way when you get lapped.
The one lapping the slower car has to work his way around them.

??? i am fairly sure when watching one of the rollex races a flag was waved telling a lower class car to move out of the way and its fairly common for teammates to let each other pass even when it affects championship points. it may be different for a raceing series you watch or participate in, but in america most races lower class have to get out of the way if its safe to do so. the higher classes are what attract sponsors, sell tickets…etc aka earn the big money so they are given priority.

if someone is comming up on me i’ll get out of their way rather than holding them up or blocking. i’ll lose one place. if we end up wrecking a whole train of cars may come thru and pass us both. never assume the other driver has the skill or patience to work his way around. and the laws of physics over rule the laws, rules and regulations of any sanctioning body. i never assume people are going to get out of my way, nor do i assume they wont push me out of the way. not wrecking is always faster than wrecking, even if you have to lose a second or two to avoid the wreck.

Finished it around the same time after 3 retries at 55, 63, and 25 laps. Full simulation damage, no rewinds, hardcore assist and unbeatable difficulty. Twitch

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I think lapped cars have to get out of the way in reality, I know at Le Mans the LMP1’s constantly flash their lights approaching the GT cars and if I’m not mistaken those GT cars do get the blue flag when faster cars approach.

It is the responsibility of the faster car to make the pass. The slower car is supposed to maintain the racing line. The reason for the massive P1/GT accidents over the past few years have been because drivers did not follow this rule.

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They flash the lights to make sure the slower cars are aware they’re coming. Still the lapping cars responsibility to get by.

I havent looked at it yet, but I’m guessing it forces you to use a P1 car like the Daytona one (which is silly since those cars have never even raced on that track).

They should really let you choose which class of car you want to use. It would be fun to be in the GT class and have to race along with allowing the P1 guys by when being lapped.

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I just did the Catalunya 100, and I’m watching the replay now, but I’m pretty darn sure one of the McLaren 12C race cars NEVER pitted. If this is the case I’m going to be very angry, and severely disappointed, because I KNOW that car would’ve ran out of gas when I had to pit my Audi twice within 35 laps. I made about 15 laps per tank. Had about a mile lead on second place (the McLaren) at my first pit, and I BARELY won this race… I mean I took 1st place back on the final lap almost in the last curve.

Twice for pits???
I used the Super Trofeo and pitted just once going onto lap 19 and still managed to lap most of the GT cars with max difficulty and aggression turned on…

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Yep. It’s true. The Lizard Audi and the Ferrari 458 are bad choices for that races. I had to pit the Audi on laps 15 and 30. Because of that I almost didn’t win the race. I passed the first place car in the next to last turn on the very last lap, because the McLaren he was in, as well as the Lambo and I think maybe the Mercedes GT cars will all go about 20 laps without fuel. The Audi performs fantastically, but it absolutely MURDERS fuel.

I’ve done the most of the races now. Just finished Indy 500 :slight_smile: Before I started the Sebring race but I rage quitted because it is really hard to do without any assists. Also I like to race in cockpit view and with the Peugeot (got Audi affinity 25 already) when steering you see a hand and not really anything of the track combined with puddles → rage quit :D. I have done the race on the Nordschleife another time already, I really love driving the GT3 Cars. They are so much fun in my opinion:) I got to do the wet races soon but I don’t really like to race them with the LMP cars. I would love to switch and race the other class here…

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Well the replay doesn’t save all the way through, but I remember now. I pitted first on lap 15, maybe 14. I was passed by J. Davis in the 12C and he was gone, I did not catch him again until he finally pitted on like lap freakin’ 24-5. I passed him back, pitted again on lap 30, and BARELY caught back up to him by the end.

If he had gone to lap 16-7 I could understand, I had the hammer down the whole time. But it’s complete rubbish that he went as long as he did. If I hadn’t won the race I’d be furious… did make it a bit dramatic though I’ll admit. Either way, that was intense. I’m no rookie driver, but I never got more than about 4-5 thousand feet ahead of second place. I do NOT like that we can’t tune our cars for these races. Bit of a let down, there.