Anybody’s Volkswagen buss missing?

I bought the bus from the specialty dealer. On the car collection screen it says Inown it. It’s not in my garage. My VW collection stops at the 1963 beetle. No Bus. I’m under the max amount of cars at 817 max is 900. I’m at a loss. Anybody help?

Mine is directly below the Beetle. Anyone able to sell it from your account? If not I’d just do a hard reset of your system. that tends to sort a lot of issues out.

edit: When I buy a new car it automatically puts you in it, did you try it?

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Mine is working, Bought it from the specialty dealer yesterday and put some ridiculous amount of power in it.

1000hp might have been overkill, was a tad touchy to control.

My bus is missing also. Right after I purchased it I got a connection error. Internet has been flaky for the past couple of weeks. I don’t remember if it showed me in the car, but it isn’t that way now for sure. No car in my inventory, nor at the new car purchase area, and it’s greyed out at the specialty dealer. Says I have hit my purchase limit. Can’t find it in the auction house either. I tried a hard reset and deleting the Forza 7 user files as well and had them redownload from the ‘cloud’ server. Everything is still the same, and this is the last day. Hoping someone has an idea.


Exact problem I have. I found one in the auction house but my original never showed up.