Any more Horizon 2 DLC?

Does anybody know if they will release any more DLC for Forza Horizon 2 now that forza 6 is right around the corner (literally)? I’m just wondering, because everything is focused on forza 6, Turn 10/Playground Games might want to get players playing forza horizon 2 even after forza 6 is released.

Very doubtful. Forza 6 is less than 2 weeks away, and anyways, usually the last DLC car pack is the month before the new Forza comes out. August in this case, but it’s been September in the past.

Agreed, very doubtful.

Forza games usually have a DLC cycle of about 1 year. The DLC stops a month or two before the next game drops.

I’m 99% sure the last FH2 car pack was just that: the LAST car pack.

I hope not, i wont even touch another Forza Motorsport game after Horizon 2! :slight_smile:

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