Any forums still using forza 4 as a league racing game?


I’m looking for active fourms that hold racing for forza 4. granted the game maybe what 4 years old but unfortunately like some peeps I haven’t yet made the jump to an xbox one…

so I ask if there are forums that use forza 4 still and offer a wide variety of racing series, I urge the fact too the forum is active and has a fair amount of members on site.

if you know any, drop a PM on here or contact me via xbox. my Gamer Tag is JJRinzler


Yes, there are a few of us out there, though we plan to convert to XBOX ONE by Christmas.

We are all “Jalopnic Oppositelock” readers which is how we formed up.

All the series are circuit based racing, and have good drivers.

You can join up and race at any time in these:

Hope you can join!

XRL is still running Forza 4 as its premier league

New league starts this Sunday!

On high Rinzler, good to see you. I’m gonna be stuck on the 360 for a long time.

We are still racing over at r/FM4 we are just about to start a new season utilizing a spec Saturn ION.

Well, hello there! Yes there are still a few of us out here. I run in part of the Distinctly Average Racing League. We’re about to take sign ups for our 11th series. It’s a touring car series with 4 RWD and 4 FWD cars.

Full list and more info can be found here:-