Anti-aliasing, RT/reflections, materials, etc need work - lag behind FH5

I’ve taken two pictures on PC with max graphics in both Horizon and Motorsport, and I think this shows a lot of the technical graphics issues that Motorsport seems to have - at least on PC.

-Be aware that image compression is a thing and both of these images do look better ingame, and obviously lighting is different between the two images
-Also I’m no game dev and don’t have a complete understanding of all these technologies, so I’m just making conclusions based on what I think is going on

First - as you can see the Horizon image is much sharper. Part of this is because of better AA options - MSAA, FXAA, and better TAA/DLAA implementation with sharpness sliders. This allows Horizon to produce a more clean and crisp image on my monitor, whereas Motorsport looks too soft, or with AA off, too “jaggy” and pixelated. AA implementation in Motorsport lags behind Horizon.

Some of this is also due to the seemingly broken ray-traced reflections which significantly “muddy” the image and cause a strange “depth of field”-like effect as the reflections drop in resolution so quickly as you move away from the focus point. This is I believe why you see a dof-style blur on the back of Motorsport’s Corvette - even though the rest of the background behind the car is more in focus. You can even see this in the front wheel of both cars, where the Horizon car wheel retains much more detail, and the Motorsport wheel looks out of focus, even though the camera focus was pointed directly above it on the fender. Ray tracing seems broken in Motorsport and the game often looks better with RT off.

Next, materials - this one has been discussed at length but I’ll point it out quickly here - the front of the corvette is a gloss black material in real life. This is represented well in the Horizon image, but the Motorsport image shows a much more matte-grey looking material. The headlights also are much more grey/foggy on many Motorsport cars, where in Horizon they look crisp, clear and glossy with better relfections.

I would love to see ray tracing implementation fixed on PC, better anti-aliasing, and fixed materials in Motorsport as a start - however there are other issues present as well that put the game graphically behind 2021’s Horizon 5. Things like lower shadow/reflection resolution, lack of ultra-wide support, and a good handful of other graphics options.