[ANSWERED] [XBOX] Maple Valley F1 Drivatars

The drivatars are driving off the track at turn 5 and turn 6 on every lap at Maple Valley (forward) when they are driving the Renault R.S.17. After driving off track they are hitting the tire barriers and then backing up onto the track and causing pileups. At turns 5 and 6 it seems like they are just driving straight off like they have no steering control.

Race setup on free play 20 laps unbeatable 23 drivatars. After most of the drivatars are involved in the two collision spots I noticed the game slows down with rapid micro stutters or short freezes.

Also Road America Carousel and kink are two spots the F1 drivatars leave the track every lap.


Thanks for the info. What OS Version is your Xbox running? You can find this by going into settings > system > console info. make sure to also include the (rs…) information as well.

Thank you

Same at Homestead’s infield layout and a number of other tracks. Maple Valley is the worst however. My theory is that the cars are capable of accelerating much faster than the Drivatars are capable of navigating corners.

Also, on every track the Drivatars are overly hesitant at the start of a race, almost coming to a complete halt on the start/finish straight. In almost every race I can go from my starting position to 2nd because of this (Difficulty: Unbeatable).