I was recently on Forza Motorsport 7 and taking some choice pictures for a project I am working on. After taking the pictures, I saved and shared them to forzamotorsport.net so that I can access them in my profile under the Community Gallery section.

Unfortunately, and oddly enough, when I went to the community Gallery, it took me to “CMR Katashi U’s Forza Horizen 4 Gallery”


Not only have I no content for that Gallery, I don’t even have the game yet! Why did it change? How do I change it back? Because I don’t see an option to change it back to the Forza Motorsport 7 gallery.

A little swift help would be appreciated because I have to finish this project very soon.

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Bump in hopes of a fix

I just looked at this… you can force it to load your FM7 gallery by manually changing the last bit of the address from “FH4” to “FM7”

For example
MyForza ← this is what hitting the gallery button does; just replace FH4 with FM7 and hit enter

I don’t think its working as intended but this seems to be a usable work around.

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Currently when you click on Gallery from the drop down menu, it will default to your FH4 content. We made the gallery load the content by game titles to improve performance/load times. At this time, you have to change the end of the URL to switch between games. We are working on an easier way for players to select the game they want to see content from.

Valid values you can put at the end of the URL are:
FM3, FM4, FM5, FM6, FM6A, FM7, FH1, FH2, FF7, FH3, FH4

Typical… ramming FH4 down our throats again at every opportunity. Can’t we just have the gallery we want for the game we actually own!!!

Doing the URL change is working… Hope you guys work on a easier way rather than have us do this. But now I have another issue. When I DO access my FM7 gallery…nothing. Nothing uploaded is detected. I logged off, logged back in and reloaded the FM7 Gallery… Nothing.

Got A answer for that one?

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If I change the URL i cannot see any pictures.

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Same here. It worked the first couple of times I tried it but now it doesn’t load any of my content. Why cant stuff like this just be left alone. Why does everything have to be tried to be made “easier”, when all it does is make everything a hell of a lot harder. How long is this going to take to fix, given it only took a day to screw it all up.

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Doesn’t work for me either. Neither my FM7 or FH3 pics show. I get the title, just no pictures.