[ANSWERED] ticket system

I sent out a ticket last week because I was banned for 30 years and I would love to know 2 things. why isn’t anyone contacting me about the ticket and why did I receive this ban. ive been playing forza since motorsports 3 and you know was really contemplating on getting forza motorsports 7 but with the latest installment of horizon 4 and how buggy it is and the ban system (which again no idea what I did wrong. I have multiple upon multiple people who vouche for me.) that will say I have done nothing wrong. I will say its bullcrap to make someone pay 80 dollars for a game and not have any community support in the ticket system at all. I will say this you lost a few buyers with this one because I made it apparent to a couple of my friends about this and we all agreed that this is just outrageous. glitches that aren’t being taken care of bans being given out with no information on the ban and modders who mod on youtube but still able to play online. turn 10 obviously doesn’t care about their fan base.



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Enforcement action and enforcement related topics are not discussed on the official Forza forums. If you have questions or need to find out why an account or device may have Forza specific enforcement action please submit a ticket at support.forzamotorsport.net.

Please do not submit multiple tickets for the same inquiry as this will further delay any response as it adds to the queue.

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