[ANSWERED] The game crashed during the 50th lap of Goliath

I have played the game for like 30 hours. Yesterday, I wanted to challenge myself and wanted to complete 50 Laps of Goliath. Everything was fine until I hit the “R” button during the 50th, yes, not kidding, during the 50th lap. The game just crashed, tried starting again but my level was lower than what it was during the race(I got 2 level ups while racing if I’m not wrong). I’m playing the game on Windows 10, the internet was perfectly fine, the pc was perfectly working, I’m 100% sure it’s something about the game. After spending 7+ hours on a race, the crash didn’t make me happy, as you can guess. How can I take the credits, level ups, and wheelspins?

Races on Goliath of more than 5 or 6 laps may crash the game (or set you back positions) if you use Rewind or Pause the game - set Rewind to Off if doing marathon Goliath sessions or set your races to no more than 5 or 6 laps.

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It’s been well known, since FH3 in fact, that races of 50 laps on Goliath will cause the game to crash and generally aren’t a good idea.

If races with laps more than 5-6 laps are causing the game to glitch, why there are lap options like 50? I spent 7+ hours on this race, and I did this to get my prizes, not to just sit in front of the computer and I had only three minutes left to finish the race, it crashed and took my 7 hours from me.

because some people like the option of attempting it and hoping they can get it completed and not wasting their time in the case it does crash like it did for you

and some people don’t use rewind because they know better

A few months ago I watched a YouTuber complete 50 laps of a 40 mile custom race which took them more than 12 hours. They must have had a well ventilated PC/Xbox, and a solid internet connection. There’s dozens of 50 lap Goliaths on YouTube for FH3, I Never risked more than 10 with rewind turned off.

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I watched the same videos too. Apparently, they were lucky and they were able to complete the whole race. Sadly, I wasn’t and the game crashed at the latest lap. The 49 laps were flawless, everything (including rewind) was working as they should. I really loved the FH4 despite all the hacked scores, connection problems etc and I know, its hard to fix every problem in a game. I just dont want this issue to be the end of my Forza love. After spending 7 hours on a single race, it really hurts. I’m not looking for a refund or etc. I just want what I have deserved.

Anyway, I’m not trying to have that option deleted, I’m trying to get the prize I deserved. How can I get the credits and level ups?

You wont get any anything due to not finishing the race
No one ever did in fh3 either

You already got your official response

Guess you could always sumbit a ticket