[ANSWERED] Message Center Free Cars

Hi Everyone ! I’m Jordan

I’m here for one question, I recently bought FM7 Ultimate Edition and I played it for maybe one week before accidentally and unfortunately deleted my backup file …
It’s not so bad because it will be fast to make the progression of a week again… cause I have training now ! And love the game
But the 2 cars that I had received by the message center the first time : 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Project Scorpio Edition and 2012 Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione, are gone like all the others
But the message center didn’t reset like all the game so the gift messages do not come back. Is there anyone here who knows how to get them back … ? :slight_smile: or at least buy them

Thank you all, Have fun

Have you looked in ‘collections’ or ‘buy car’ in the car tab?

Yes, nothing in “buy car” but I can see them in “collections” and they are locked…

Is it possible to unlock them later in the game ? And how ?


IDK about that but it seems if you do a complete new installation of the game (full deletion) than the game should give you those cars again, just guessing.

It didn’t work :frowning: even after reinstallation, without saves, the message center never reset, always some drivatar rewards messages (by the way they didn’t work too cuz i never get the credits)

Those drivatar reward messages are just notifications that you have already received those credits…they are not added when you press on the message…since you can only delete the message anyway

I’ll give it a try, thanks !

Also maybe try submitting a ticket here

They might send them out to you again

They might be only sent once due to people abusing the system and using that method to get the cars again to sell them over and over

Oh yes sorry, my bad, they are related to my first save that I lost, I guess

Thank ! I’m waiting for an answer now, I think they can see that this is not to sell them in my case :slight_smile: (progression at start, only dlc cars and 100k first gifted credits, just waiting the two cars to restarting to play)

Just keep playing
No point waiting, you might be waiting a while

Finally, after my support ticket on February 21st, the team sent me both cars by message on March 15th, so it was not that long to wait :slight_smile:

Thank you and anyway, these two cars are now unlocked for purchase for everyone since an update.

Please submit a ticket https://support.forzamotorsport.net/hc/en-us/requests/new so we can investigate further.