[ANSWERED] Info request: how do the sale limits work?

What we do commonly know is that at 50k download or like or uses you become “legendary” and can sell for 20 mil in the Auction House.
What l would like to know are there any raises before this Legendary status?
I have a total of over 2500 dl/use/likes but no affect on my pricing. In the past this has granted a small increase (l believe +200k to prices).

Can we get a breakdown of the amounts required and which ones grant raises to sale prices, please?

Here are the thresholds for user UGC level for tunes and liveries:

500 Amateur
2500 SemiPro
5000 Pro
10000 Elite
50000 Legend

The threshold number here is the sum of downloads, likes, and uses for all of a user’s liveries or tunes.

Auction House Price increases are granted as such:

Freelance - 1000
Amateur - 5000
SemiPro - 20000
Pro - 100000
Elite - 500000
Legendary - 20000000

Thanks for the reply.

For some reason the 2500 limit isnt applying in my sales even if l have my own paint on. Maybe l’ll have to ask from support about that.