[ANSWERED] Forza Survey

I received an email from Forza to do an online survey of the game, I completed the survey and put in my Xbox name, the survey promised a reward of 150,000 in-game credits to my account, this has been 2 weeks later, and I never received the credits or anything else about it. I am very confused if I spent 15 minutes of my time to complete a survey to make your game a better game, you cannot provide the reward I was promised? For an $80 game, sure seems like a bad customer relationship to start. Very disappointed, I would love some more information about why I was never provided with the reward for the survey, and if I’m not receiving it why it would be promised, along with this my game crashed while trying to purchase a car, I never got the car but it took the money away anyway.


Open a Ticket


That sounds like a scam. I have never one received a survey request from Forza. If it wan’t a Microsoft email address, it more than likely was not legit.

I thought that too, An email from Forza? Not Turn10 or Microsoft? I haven’t received anything from Xbox at all on my MS email account.

If you took part in a Forza survey and have not received your credits, please submit a support ticket.