[ANSWERED] DLC not shared between accounts

Read the post by Connor CXYZ, I didn’t mean to login to this account

The VIP, Fast and Furious, and Amazon driver gear doesn’t work for my brother, and it acts like he doesn’t own it and needs to buy it whenever he tries to use them. The shop doesn’t even say installed or anything when he looks at them, but if I am the main account it says installed. He won a Hoonigan car pack from some Xbox giveaway(?) or something, and I can’t use it but he can. It gives me that whole “market place can’t be launched right now” garbage. Uninstalling and reinstalling the DLC doesn’t help.

The accounts aren’t registered on anyone elses account, and our Xbox is set as the home for them.

We have the Ultimate Edition, Physical Preorder from Amazon. And I was the one who launched it first, possibly registering everything under my name. Then again, everything worked before the event I listed below.

It all started that day when Forza wouldn’t launch and it would go back to the dashboard. Everything DLC related was working for both of us up to that point. We were desperate to get it working so we did everything. We uninstalled the game, removed both of our accounts, deleted our local save and loaded the cloud save, and even reset the Xbox OS. Of course that was all pointless cause it was fixed the next day. So when he went to play it, it was shown that he didn’t have ownership of any DLC.

I might need to send this to Microsoft, as it’s a bug with the account sharing

btw I sent this in with the wrong account and this is the right account, so you may see this twice, but I’ll try to delete the other one

You and Connor CXYZ brothers?

You and Psalm116n10 brothers?


We are aware of this issue and are investigating.

Thanks for letting us know.