Ok so I had a 3 lap run in the 2016 Aston Vantage no problem other than it shows STOCK PI S 710 …

So I go back for a second run To challenge Johniwanna’s ghost and the race stops on lap **** 1 **** … stock PI still and now a standing lap of 1.37

BROKE BROKE BROKE BROKE just like Forzathon

EDIT 1) … and no I did not stop early or anything I beat my rival on my standing lap and the run was over … now it shows me in 1st place

Edit 2 ) … Tried to run it again and now it will let me run 3 laps but now it only records the 1st lap

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OK so you reset my run and everything worked perfect … I set a 3 lap run of 4.25 then I ran again to improve and it botched up again and set a slow one lap run of 1.44 standing start … I swithced back to another car and ran a 3 lap run with lap 1 being 1.29 and a total 3 lap of 4.23 and nothing recorded at all again

Cars I am using

2016 Aston Vantage

Ford GT FE

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Add me to the list.

Only counted 1 lap and no matter how many times I re run it, it won’t record a legit time…

Edit: Ok they just took it down, now maybe I can actually run the thing…

Ya I got a 4.22 to take but I better not try to improve my run again with the Porsche just in case it breaks again

Still broke … it broke again

We’ve pulled the “My Tach Beats For You” Rival event after reports of issues with the event for some players.