[ANSWERED] Accounts Saves Glitched.

Short explanation: My two account saves were swapped, my account names are treerexaudi and treecinematics.

Longer explanation: After trying to log in to Forza Horizon 4 I switched my profile because I noticed I was on the wrong one. However I didn’t see that it was syncing the cloud data, and something went wrong where both of my accounts had their saves swapped. My treerexaudi save on treecinematics, and my treecinematics save on treerexaudi. I have two accounts because I am a amateur youtuber who likes to create videos, but does not want to constantly be bothered while recording so I created an alternate account. I have talked to xbox support, but they couldn’t help me, I also contacted microsoft Azure to see if they could swap my cloud storage data, but to my surprise they don’t work directly with xbox. After talking to microsoft support in the windows devision I was sent here. I will add that I did send an email to Forza support, but many times I have sent emails that never got a reply so I thought I should create a thread here as well. The microsoft technician said that the only people who can help me are technicians on this forum.

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I’m not even sure how that’s possible. Having two different accounts should be treated as two different people on the vendor side, so basic privacy restrictions should prevent that from happening in the first place, or from being switched back. Otherwise there’d be a lot of people playing on their spouses’ or siblings’ saves after accidentally swapping their files.

And I’m not surprised Xbox support wasn’t able to fix it. Even if they technically can, there may be corporate rules or privacy laws preventing them from doing it.

I am baffled by that as well. And I understand if there are laws against having someone transfer data from someone else’s account from far away to someone else, but I can give the passwords, emails, and last logins, and basically everything they need to prove it is I who owns both accounts.

Cant help with the save swap. But as for the two accounts, just a little tip is that you can turn notifications off, I do this when watching a movie/Netflix/hulu on my xbox, so that way I don’t get constant notifications popping up during my movie.

Ah thanks, and I have done that in the past, but I like to leave it on for when my in real life friends message me. Thanks though! :smiley:

I thought it would be impossible too, I do know one things for sure. It might be impossible to switch them back. xD

How do you know they have been swapped
That should be impossible to do

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What you’ve described should be literally impossible.

However, even if this Freaky Friday situation did occur, the are no technicians on these forums and the support team doesn’t have the ability to ‘reverse the swap’.