[ANSWERED] 20 DAys ongoing support.

So my last thread was locked because it became too negative.

I understand Forza support staff have a lot on their hands with the support site, but 3 weeks ongoing is a bit much.
I know you’ve been working on speeding up response, but you’ve been doing that for months now with no new results.

Can I just get my profile credited with my horizon cars and whatever the value of my old garage was?
I know at this point that I wont get my save file back from the Microsoft cloud. (I know because I asked Microsoft support and xbox support if there is a history state feature for the cloud save backup… there isnt)

I just want to play the game I paid for with time and money with my brother.

Thank you.

I tried posting here two days ago but the thread never appeared here(account has been under moderation for 2 years now lol)

Trying to see if I am banned from support since I get no answered there, or if I am banned form the forum since my post isnt up.

I just want to get to the bottom of the issue.

In terms of the crediting, we don’t just ‘gift’ items, however I’m sure the support team will be able to help.
Unfortunately there is a little delay in getting response due to the large surplus of tickets and we appreciate your patience.

In terms of if you’re banned from the support page, you will need to ask @NitroGlitter as she is the only one able to know this. (Alongside any further feedback you want to give regarding the support page)

I’ll now lock this as no further discussion is needed via the forum as you can continue this with NitroGlitter or the support team.