Answer by a song title

A simple thread, miscellaneous, to have a laugh by answering questions with a song title the previous poster asked.
Question: What do you want to do?
Answer: I Wanna Rock (Twisted Sister)

Let’s start now, with the first question:

What would you do without Forza?

Remember, the answer has to be a song title… and you have to put a question! :slight_smile:

I would die, because…

Nothing Else Matters (Metallica, 1991)

Yay, forum games!

I haven’t seen some in a while. :wink:

I forgot one small detail: the previous poster has to post a question. It doesn’t matter, because I will put one here. On this note, have fun!!

Question: What is this smell?

The Trees (Rush)

How can one afford a Ferrari?

By “Taking Care Of Business” (and workin’ overtime)

Q: What is your quest, Sir Knight?

Stairway to Heaven Q: What you wanna do with your life?

I wanna “fly away” of course!

What are you fed up about?

Cross-Town Traffic

-Jimi Hendrix

Q: Where do you think you’re going

Highway To Hell AC/DC Q: What makes you happy?

Dancing on the ceiling, Lionel Richie.

Who do you think you are?

Highway Star-Deep Purple Q:What brings you down?

Rainy days and Mondays- The Carpenters
Q, Whats the meaning of life?

I Came to Make a Bang - Eagles of Death Metal

Q: What time is it?

Time For Me To Fly-REO Speedwagon Q: What is real?

Cigarettes and Alcohol- Oasis
Q, Who do you love?

Satan (The Orbital)

Where are you?

Synchronicity - The Police

What is that you are watching?

Eyes on the Road - The Fever

Q: Where can I get holy water for Mitchy?