Annoyed at Turn 10's lack of response to their ill tested Road America update

Has anyone seen anything from Turn 10 about their plans to repair the damage they’ve done to our Forza 5 progress. Not only can I now not complete the game (costing £55 plus the vip cost) but apparently I’ve actually got gold medals on Road america without actually racing on it & the golds on some of the tracks I did actually win are now no longer shown & I have to race them again.

Disheartened at what should have been a boost, to a game that is already becoming boring due to the limited tracks.

Well I’m sure they’ll fix things, but this issue should not have happened in the first place.

It has not been that long,give them a little time to sort it out.

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The medals appear fixed today. Yesterday they were all Silvers for RA, now empty. Sorry yours are buggered…since mine are now fixed, when was the last time you logged in?

Have logged on & off all day

In January, the fix for the car pack came 8 days after the DLC was released. Keep an eye on News announcements such as the Week in Review on Friday and maybe we’ll see something about it.

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It hasn’t even been a full 24 hours since the release. It might be a good thing to exercise a little patience. I understand why you are upset, but I think you are being a little unreasonable in your “annoyance”.


It hasn’t even been a day