An issue with lap time consistency.

I’ll have a great lap and the next race lose to a slower driver. I know my setup isn’t the problem. Just throwing this out there that I’m trying to catch up when it isn’t necessary.

I don’t really understand this post. What are you trying to say? Maybe that slower guy is a faster guy on a certain track. I’ve noticed all your posts here are in a similar vein i.e you seem to be looking for an excuse for losing. Don’t be one of those people that has a catalogue of excuses, or just whingers and complains. It’ll only hold you back.

Sorry but I don’t lose very often. I’m just looking for decent drives to race against and not deal with people who cut corners back out of a race if they can’t win. Most of what I’ve seen is monkey see
monkey do.

Unfortunately that is what you have to deal with if your going to race in the public hoppers. If you want better quality racing you will have to get involved in more organized events.