An important message to Turn 10 regarding car sounds of FM2023

I think they got fed up, could be wrong but one day just stopped posting

This isn’t totally true. The dynamic range has increased again. At least it has on my dolby atmos setup. BMW E30, for example, sounds a good bit better. There hasn’t been any sample changes tho so that’s probably what you’re talking about.

I’m going to contact Lexus (SC400 owner) and BMW (130i owner) about the sounds of their cars in this game @Turn10

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Reventon sounded good with the Race Exhaust (which just may be the stock exhaust with some filter changes). Not a screamer like other games, but fine for my ears. Stock exhaust sounds like every other modern Lambo V12 though.

Curious though, do people here prefer completely different sample sounds for the different exhaust types (like FH5 does for some cars), or the subtle differing sounds with one sample sounds (like FM4 does, I think)?

I was playing Project Cars on pc yesterday and the sounds are so much better. I could listen to the off throttle burble the AMG GT exhaust makes for hours in PC. FM just sounds… lacking.

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Have you driven high HP cars IRL or modified ones? Have you pushed them to the limit?

Cars’ interiors should not sound thin, flat, and hollow - but they do in the game because the dynamic range hasn’t been tweaked properly. You’re supposed to feel the rumble, vibration, and oomph from the engine and exhaust, especially in cars with a good amount of sound deadening/insulation in cockpit.

I’ve talked to several people with some very expensive rigs about this - most racing games sound absolutely fine but not FM. They really have a long way to go before we can even say “dynamic range has been improved” or “sounds right”.

The midrange/front L & R speakers or subwoofer never “light up” like they should. Sure, the cars sound fine in external cam - some not all - but things change when you move to the first person views, they suddenly sound quiet, faraway and distant, which is flatout ODD as you are on the car (hood/bumper) or in the car (cockpit).

Play Assetto Corsa, The Crew Motorfest, Ride 5, Flight Simulator (fighter jets) or PCARS 2 to better understand what I mean. FM should sound just as good on a mid-tier sound system as it might on a really high end system. The more high end your system, the more glaring the shortcomings. It seems they primarily programmed the sound around TV speakers and basic headphones. The 5.1/7.1 sound stage is all over the place with car sounds specifically. Those need to be individually tweaked for a surround sound setup!

Absolutely 100% unique sounds with each exhaust upgrade. It bad enough as it is that we don’t physically see the exhausts changing, at least give us the unique sounds.

FM2 did this YEARS ago on the Xbox 360: we had unique sounds AND cosmetic changes to the exhaust tip. Imagine how silly Ride 5 would look with no cosmetic exhaust upgrades even though you just boosted your Fireblade with an Akra exhaust!

It is insane, mate! Both PCARS 1 & 2 have done a phenomenal job with the sounds. The development team is very passionate about cars, apparently, lol :grin:

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They also had Ben Collins (Stig) working with them on it.

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Ohhh… Ben Collins is nuts man! Not only his driving skills but he’s also a true car and motorsport aficionado.

We need an outsourced “expert” on the FM team who can help implement the improvements to sound and even advise on further tweaks and improvements to the physics and especially steering model/mechanics on controller at least.

I still want to gag and puke when I hear the modern V12 Ferraris - they are undrivable although what’s mind blowing is that they sounded absolutely FINE when the game launched - they were incredible, in fact, then the 812 sound got updated and that “wrong” and flat/hollow whiny sound got pasted to ALL the V12 Ferraris, including the Enzo, lol

It’s pathetic, hilarious, and sad at the same time

@Lens007888 @Speedster996 @opencamswrx We have a new case, boys!

The Reventon’s engine sound is wrong! Just like the Murcielago. The Aventador’s L539 V12 sound is copy-pasted once again.

It’s supposed to sound like a Bizzarrini V12, because Reventon is a limited production model based on the Murcielago!!!

Too bad T10 completely forgot what a Bizzarrini V12 sounded like.


Haven’t unlocked it yet but I’ll take your word for it.

Reusing incorrect engine sounds is a complete no no in this day and age, we get 6-12GB downloads a month so data isn’t an issue, plus if it was streaming services like Gamepass, Netflix, Prime etc wouldn’t exist.

If you are going to produce a racing game @ Turn10 at least get it on par with your other brother studio PPG or better yet don’t release any more vehicles without capturing the correct engine note… it’s a MASSIVE NO NO to incorrectly model or copy and paste sounds that aren’t correct to that model.

Why is it that the engine sounds in FM8 aren’t even second best to anything out there in this be all from the ground up end all title, it’s just embarrassing

If the community feels that it’s so far from what it should sound like and takes steps to contact the manufacturer that must say something should it not? We are passionate about everything racing and when it’s done wrong and continues to be released wrong even tho there is mention of a complete overhaul that’s like us having to take your word for it like No Promises when vehicles are dropped half baked.


Just don’t bother releasing Supercars and above without them sounding true to what they actually sound like in reality


Oh dear… that’s a wrong sounding Reventon for sure. Are they doing this to the FOMO cars out of carelessness or on purpose or something? It makes no sense. So, they want me to grind for hours and days… to win a car that souds wrong? Didn’t we have the exact same issue with:

  • Murceilago?
  • Cinque Roadser?
  • Huayra R?
  • And some of the other FOMO cars that I can’t remember?

That’s definitely an Aventador sound and not the Reventon’s sound. It sounds brilliant in FM4, 5, 6, and 7 - FM4 to 6 probably has the best sound.

This is getting ridiculous - ALL the modern V12 Ferrari and Lamborghini sounds as well as modern Porsche, McLaren, and BMW sounds need to be redone. Maybe BMW I can live with for now, but Ferrari especially, Lamborgini, McLaren, and Porsche need re-recording ASAP! Hate the fact that my favourite cars sound so wrong - they sounded SO good on the Xbox One FM games.

Can you please create a wrong car sound thread under the Car Issues sub-forum? I’ll vote it.

Seems T10 never learn from their mistakes.


“Embarrassing” is putting it accurately.

They really ought to be ashamed of the car sounds in this game. They are so far behind other game companies. It’s sad and infuriating at the same time. They can’t even live up to the standards in their previous FM games. I am genuinely fed up with this nonsense!!

Increase the game size to 200 GB+ and give us the REAL sounds already.

Do you remember how they reduced the game size by about 15 GB or so in one of the updates? That’s when all the V12 modern Ferrari sounds went to sh**.


As much as I agree real car sounds greatly enhance the driving/racing experience, do you really, REALLY want a 200GB+ download/install?

Yes! This right here, is a statement to everybody working at Turn 10 for everything they’ve done wrong.

So, to extend this summary:

Aside from reusing incorrect engine sounds, same goes for recycling outdated car models, which is also a Massive NO-NO. I heard that the Subaru Impreza 2005 is also part of the latest FM update. And sadly, it’s half baked as well because it still retained its inaccurate model since FM2 on the X360 that’s been recently reported.

Pure recycling old content is seriously getting super out-of-hand already. And if anyone says it’s because of “Licensing” and other stuff like that, then it’s NO EXCUSE. This never complied within today’s standards as this is not 2008 anymore. We are in 2024 and we want EVERYTHING FULLY REBUILT and REDONE.

Meanwhile, GT7 in the other hand, had their returning cars and tracks remade & revamped from scratch so Polyphony Digital complied everything for today’s standards. And that is why people are moving to PS5 and GT7 just to get out of FM’s huge nonsense.

Hell, there are even people who are defending FM’s huge mistakes by going blind over the inaccuracies & reality of things and lie by saying “fM iS bEtTeR tHaN gT7” blah blah blah.

To these careless people - Enjoy your broken game and expect to be humiliated by people who are facing the truth, 'cause you’ll never be forgiven if you keep defending FM’s issues. It makes you greedy & selfish.

And T10, you all need to do better and stop doing those dirty tactics you’ve been doing every time. The player counts of your game will go downhill even further if you don’t listen to what the community has been reminding you for such a long time already. If you never learn for your mistakes, it will be too late and FM will die out forever.


Yes, I’ll do that right now.

I don’t have to download or install it, just update the game which is only a few GBs.

If people weren’t prepared for average game sizes this generation or don’t have the appropriate storage measures in place, why should we have to settle for less?

An obvious reason for car sounds not being high quality enough or accurate enough is that they’ve tried to squeeze as much as they can while keeping the game size as small as possible.

Average game sizes on the original Xbox were between a few MBs to a GB or more.
On the Xbox 360, we saw single disc games going up to 6GB or more and multi-disc games going up to 12-14 GB (Ah yes, LA Noire… good times!)
Then with the Xbox One and One X, we were between 20 GB to 100 GB or more
Now with the current generation, it is not unusual at all for games to start at around 150 GB and exceed 200 GB - Flight Simulator can go up to 300 GB or more, especially if you have a reasonably high rolling cache setting enabled.

These sizes are to be expected. People need to arrange for storage accordingly! I want a high-quality gaming experience, of course that is going to jack up the file size. I miss the near-150 GB sized FM23 file as that one had really good modern V12 Ferrari sounds (minus the 812).

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Yep, as long as it’s justified I’ll make space for it and when it comes to sound it’s a non argument

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Arma 3 install size with mods is almost pushing 1TB on my rig so a few hundred gig for quality sounds in FM8 is not even a second thought

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Wish the developers would pay heed to such feedback. Increasing the file size to pump out more quality from the game is a NO BRAINER. :sweat_smile:

If people refuse to update their storage, that’s on them. This is not the Xbox One era anymore. FIle sizes have increased and will continue to increase as game environments evolve and become more complex.

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While this is true to an extent, there’s a bug with surround modes on xbox. No matter what you pick, it won’t sound right until you ( while games are running ) go to xbox audio settings > Pick any other mode that you’re not currently using then immediately pick the mode you want to use. Once back in game the surround mode will sound more correct. This isn’t 100% a fault of this game.

I have experienced notable improvements in the dynamic range dept. Especially in spatial modes. I didn’t say it was perfect or anything. Just said that what you said isn’t entirely true. It isn’t. You make it out like there was nothing done when that simply isn’t the case.