Hi guys

For our Wednesday night racing we’ll be racing Global Touring Cars this Wednesday.

Starting at 19H00 [SA time] sharp with Qualify 3+2 laps, we’ll then do 2 races at Sonoma Full, 10 laps each with one mandatory pit stop. Eligible cars are Global Touring Cars at max PI S800. For a full list of eligible cars see Manteo Max’s list in his League thread for this week in the discussion thread. As usual, I’ll be sticking to a BMW, but the Volvo and Mercedes should be up there as well. Damage on sim as usual with our normal rules to apply.

Hope to see you all on track. All racers, young and old are welcome as long as you race clean, so join us. If you hav’nt race with us before, leave a message here or message me on Xbox and I’ll send you an invite.



Sounds interesting. I hope that there are more participants in this racing series . I will have to tune up a car and all sorts . Very unprepared but will make it happen.

I’m still swiping spanners on my BMW too and not there yet, but will be ready in time. Will see how the guys feel about the class to turn it into a short - series, but for now it’s planned for one night in anticipation of BU5T3R’s endurance series which will start soon.

Count me in :slight_smile:

Great having you on board mate, see you on track.

whooooooo hoooooo, wait for me, I’m almost there!!!

So as you guys are aware my internet is pretty bad but last night it held up . I am phoning Telkom today to hopefully get my 2 meg uncapped line back which ran like a beast. So if I am not online start without me hopefully Telkom just swaps it back without any issues.

Hope you sort it out mate, we can’t race without you.

Hi guys

Qualify starts in 3 hours, so hope you are all set to go.

Remember for qualify you have 4 laps - one warm up lap and then 3 laps to set your fastest time. For qualify damage will be on SIM, but collisions will be set to off. Still wise to space yourself on the warm up lap though so as to not distract each other… Clock will be set to 4 min. after qualify before DNF kicks in, so enough time to finish.

Happy racing and enjoy.



Racing last night was fun. I need to find or tune my GT car better . I did better in a bmw than a Volvo which is ok at least now I know which vehicle to concentrate on.

Great racing indeed. Clean and good sportmanship all round. Thanks guys.

BMW always better than a Volvo, but you can proof me wrong. LOL

For tuning the BMW I suggest you first download the tune of ZAR JerseyRules which he shared with us last night. Do a few laps at Sonoma to set yourself a benchmark and then tune towards that.

Yes I will indeed my ass was served to me on a platter last night haha damn he was fast.

Really enjoyed last nights racing guys! Shot for the race!

The racing was great yes, although you handed it to us. But is was fun and feel free to join us in the future. It is always nice to have some more cars on the track