AMG 568's Design Shop - New photos and designs available to download!

So I am (finally) back on here.

Going to try to keep this thread going for longer that the FM5 one which I sort of neglected… Anyway, to the designs.

It’s been a real challenge to rebuild my logo library, but I do have something now.

Felt like doing a Rocket Bunny style PS13 to drift. Looks pretty good and sounds awesome thanks to the superb turbo sounds from the RB26.

Bolt on arches Nissan PS13 - available in multiple colours, requests taken - Now available for download!

Low Brain Drifters PS13 - Now available for download! Again, more pictures uploaded at a later date.

After seeing the lack of Ken Block designs for the Fiesta, I made this.

2013 Global Rallycross Ken Block RX43 - Now available for download!

Toyota GT86 CS-R3 - Now available for download!

Looking pretty good so far mate. I can’t wait to see what you have finished and what will come next.

New design!

Toyota GT86 R3 - Now available for download!

GT86 looks really nice mate, your best so far, keep up the good work!

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it!

some good looking stuff here mate

Dude, the Ken Block one looks awesome! Any shot of getting it on the Focus or RS200 also? I’m a Subie guy in “Modern Rally”, but for “Hot Hatch” would use that all day! Great work!

I was actually planning on putting it on a Mk2 Escort, but yeah, I bet this would suit the RS200! Thanks for the comments too :slight_smile:

Great designs! I too like the Ken Block and GT86 designs. Keep up the good work!