Amazon orders delayed....

I preordered the ultimate edition for $80 since amazon took off $20 at check out for the preorder. Got an email this morning saying it’ll now be here Wednesday… Jump on to chat with amazon customer service, low and behold the manufacturer didn’t fulfill the order so it’s delayed for everyone through amazon. They’re upgrading me to one day shipping, so it should be here Monday or Tuesday, and refunding another $20. Guess the wait is worth getting the ultimate edition for $60. If anyone else is having this issue, I encourage you to inquire through customer service chat.

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sorry to hear that but glad they have taking care of you and made you happy in the end!!

Ouch. Well my copy isnt here either as apparently Royal Mail decide to deliver 1st class post whenever they can be bothered. Fingers crossed its tomorrow morning at the latest.
Cue people saying “you shouldve got a digital copy instead”

It’s not necessarily Royal Mail delivering it - check your despatch email from Amazon. I’m also in the UK and mine was delivered by Amazon Logistics around 5pm today.

Sorry, wasnt clear with my original post. Its coming from another retailer (usually get stuff to me day of release) and their despatch email yesterday said it had made its way to Royal Mail for delivery (1st class). Yes i know that 1-2 working days. I was merely empathising to a certain extent with the OP and their circumstance.

That sucks I only bought ultimate for EA. I’d refund it if it was me.

I was getting worried yesterday when it showed it hadn’t shipped yet, but one of my friends said he had gotten something from Amazon before and after it was delivered, it still didn’t show as having shipped in his order tracking. I’m pissed, as I took time off work to play it this weekend. Just canceled my order with Amazon and ordered digitally from the MS store.

Mine too in U.S. I think it’s the first time I ever had a problem with an order on Amazon in 12 years! Guess it was bound to happen sooner or later eh? I canceled and used the money in the account to go digital from MS, downloading now. It was scheduled for OCT 5… interesting to see others having the same problem.

I preordered physical Ultimate from Amazon. Was expecting game delivered today. Checked my order status and it hasnt even shipped! Expected delivery 10/4-10/5. Their chat apologized and said they would ship it as soon as they get the game. I canceled and ordered from Bestbuy online. Will be ready for pickup within an hour.

I would have took the $20 off from Amazon and waited if they would have offered. They offered nothing but apologies, so I canceled.

Did your email or message tell you anything about why it was delayed so suddenly? I’ve had mine ordered for months and there was never a hint of problems until it was almost too late to cancel. Must be a storm or something if your date was 4-5 too,

Didnt realize they emailed until you asked. So I did get an email a week ago:

“Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition - Xbox One”
Estimated arrival date: October 04, 2018 - October 05, 2018

No reason given for delay.

If Amazon says it’s a manufacturer delay, doesn’t that imply that the fault lies with Microsoft? If that’s the case, I would expect MS (or maybe Turn10) to attempt to make amends for the delay, given the premium they have placed on (and charge for) getting the game three days early.

there is no premium and you do not get charged for 3 days early play
why do people make this up

you actually pay the extra so it includes the car pass, the VIP pass and the expansion pass
nothing to do with early play, that’s an added bonus


I’m not sure that you can arbitrarily allocate zero of the premium to the early play – I’m not saying that 100% of the ~$40 extra is buying you the game three days early, but some fraction of it is. They list it as a bullet on their edition comparison, so they consider it part of the premium value like the car/VIP/expansion pass, and not simply a bonus.

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My Amazon pre-order also was delayed to October 4th delivery. So I just cancelled it and picked up an Ultimate copy at Best Buy on my lunch break today instead. I know Amazon customer service would’ve offered me a discount, but I’d rather just have the game for the weekend. A little annoyed there was no notice given ahead of time. Normally Amazon is good about doing same day delivery on launch day for big titles.

I’m in USA, my UE shipped from Amazon, UPS track # shows it was delivered this morning…

U.S. - Ordered physical copy of Ultimate edition from Amazon on 08/20/18. My game was delivered today, 09/28/18.

My Amazon order was delayed until Monday due to UPS being “unable” to deliver the package to my mailbox this morning.

My ultimate edition was successfully delivered here in the Pacific Northwest. Sorry to hear about the delays for some people.

I also placed an ultimate edition physical pre-order with Amazon back on June 27th and got the Prime $20 discount. Fast forward to earlier this morning and I get an email saying the game is delayed and won’t be here till Wednesday. Called customer support and was credited $5 and upgraded to one day shipping, so should be here Tuesday but still very frustrating. 3 months ahead of time I place the order and I don’t get notified until the day of. This will be the first and last time I place a pre-order through Amazon.