Amazing game but lack of support and content?

I bought the Ultimate edition on the Marketplace.

The game looks great, the new weather works and makes the game way more realistic.
The hype wasn’t wrong, what you have done has certainly been a huge improvement in everything “Forza”

The issue is the lack of support, options and content for countries that aren’t American, in Australia we’re having to pay $151 for a game that doesn’t even have the option to change Imperial measurements into Metric let alone have a decent amount of Australian cars…
Where are the Holdens Commodores and the Fords Falcons?

What about the lack of body kits, “special” paint jobs and rims on the game despite Forza being 10 years old?
Have you figured out that we’re sick of the same content you’ve been putting into your games for years?
Where are the new rims? There are probably a billion different rims out there yet you’ve only got a small selection and none of the rims go smaller than 16 inches or bigger than 22 inches? Why can’t I have mad tiny rims and huge tyres or the opposite and have 24 inch rims and a tiny bit of rubber?

I agree with some of what you’re saying. I’ve played forza since 2 and have noticed very little change between titles. That’s not to say it’s a bad game or anything; don’t fix what ain’t broken. I feel like forza 4 was the best forza and since then it feels like Turn10 became lazy after they released it. Yes they added some new stuff, but they either just copy/pasted some content from 5 or took out some features( auction house, forza 4’s campaign that let you choose what to race in). Eh, it’s still a pretty good game.

I changed my measurement to metric and not imperial. It’s in the HUD section.

As for lack of Aussie cars, well that’s because IRL there is a lack of Aussie cars and they are really only found in Australia/New Zealand. Technically there’s not a lot of Japanese Imports in this game considering just how many there are.

It would be nice to see more Australian cars, but they are very, very rare and most people would rather a rare European car.

It wasn’t there for me but I haven’t played it for a few days because of that issue so maybe they have fixed it since then.

It’s always been there. Go into HUD and change units to “metric”

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I agree with some of this I think it’s a huge improvement from 5 but again without the A.H. It still leaves me annoyed and also car clubs missing and tuning in pre lobbies these things are what brought the best out of Forza and creates mini games within the game I really think they could almost double their fan and user base if they added these functions back in .

It made it much more appealing to the masses . I don’t understand really why they wouldn’t if they want to increase demand for the game.

So what if people want to spend 100mil on a car if it’s there money who cares ?? It just seams a little hollow with out these functions and forza 2 was still the best so far I am affriad in my opinion as it had the most to offer .

I still love 6 and will continue to play forza’s when and if they bring out more but a little sad we seam to be getting less for more if you know what I mean . :frowning:

I do agree, they have been rehashing some of the same material from game to game… some of the vehicles in the game have no business in the game… I mean c’mon… who races hummer H1’s, GMC vans, and Teradyne LAPV’s… they need the auction house back, also the marketplace where you can get special paint jobs, and the feature to sell them unlocked

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I definitely agree with the lack of rims. I thought at least all wheels from horizon 2 would make it over. But to call turn 10 lazy is unjust. I thought all tracks from forza 5 would be identical in this game. There is a video on YouTube comparing laguna seca in 5 and 6 and there are a lot of changes. Every aspect looks reworked. The tarmac, geography and scenery, all the detailing is different. I wouldn’t have expected that.

These are the cars that should be on Forza 6 to represent Australian’s…

Ford Falcon - BA, FG and FGX - XR6 Turbo, XR8, XR8 Supercharged
Holden - Commodore - VX, VZ, VE Series 2 and VF Series 2 - SV6, SSV and Calais
Nissian - Skyline - R31 -GTS2
Holden - Commodore - VL - Calais Turbo
Pontiac - G8 - GXP

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